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“Simple Cleaning London” provides professional quality cleaning services at the fairest price on the market.

“Simple Cleaning London” provides professional quality cleaning services at the fairest price on the market.

Our team at “Simple Cleaning” have a solid 15 years of experience working along one of the biggest cleaning companies in the field. Now we believe we can use our practical knowledge and expertise about domestic cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and commercial cleaning and offer you these cleaning services on our own. We are proud that we excell at our work and we are highly motivated to provide you with the best service available.

Landlords, homeowners, homebuyers, tenants, company managers – we know what you expect from a professional cleaning service like “Simple Cleaning” and we are up to the task.

We are cleaners at heart. We clean homes and offices so you won’t have to. Life is too short for you to clean – go enjoy yourself while we take care of that old sofa, or the bathroom (indeed), that stains on the carpet (no questions asked), the grease in the sink, that unique-so-unique flooring, the not-so-shiny-anymore windows.

We wash, cleanse, wipe, sponge, scrub, mop, rinse, scour, swab, flush, polish, disinfect – that’s what we are here for. We have machines, we have equipment, we are professionals. We know what we do. And we do it when it is most convenient for you. We are flexible. “Simple Cleaning” always takes into account the client’s needs and preferences.
First we come and take a look. After that we provide a free consultation about what is best for you and how it should be done. Then you receive our custom-tailored offer. “Simple Cleaning” at its best.

You can subscribe to our cleaning services or see us only from time to time – you are the master of our relationship. Just remember – we at “Simple Cleaning” have the experience and the know-how you are looking for. We can clean everything and we like it.

Here is a list of the cleaning services “Simple Cleaning” provides:

  • End of tenancy cleaning;
  • Carpet cleaning;
  • Domestic cleaning;
  • Commercial cleaning;
  • Office cleaning;
  • Cleaning after construction and repairs;
  • Cleaning of entrances and common areas;

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