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Carpet cleaning

It is typical that most UK homes have some carpets or a mixture of flooring throughout their home. Whilst there are products available easily to clean a carpet yourself it might be worthwhile engaging a professional carpet cleaning company like Simple Cleaning to do the work for you. Getting a carpet cleaned by a professional with commercial cleaning tools could give a better and longer lasting effect than if you try to do the job yourself.

Carpet cleaning

Preserving the life of a carpet

A carpet might look clean but it could be hiding a lot of dirt and grime underneath and a professional and thorough clean might give it a new lease of life. Getting a carpet cleaned, particularly in a high traffic area could ensure that it preserves the life of the carpet and have it looking as good as it did when first fitted. Carpet cleaning will not only clean the carpet but will also keep it sanitised because of the deeper cleaning.

As professional carpet cleaners

We make sure that your carpet is left looking and feeling great. We can clean your carpets and give extra attention to any spot marks or specific stains giving them extra treatment to remove them meaning your whole carpet is back to its best. We understand that allowing a professional into your home means getting the job done well and with the minimum of fuss. We guarantee to make our carpet cleaning process as hassle free as possible and with as little disruption as we can. We strive to work with our clients to provide the very best carpet cleaning service possible.

Carpet cleaning

Our services include:
– domestic and office carpet and rug cleaning
– dry carpet cleaning
– deep steam cleaning
– hard stain and odour removal
– vacuuming
– pet stains removal
– coffee marks removal
– use of eco-friendly, allergen-free and non-toxic materials
– stain protection and sanitization

Children and hidden health hazards

If you have children you know how important it is that the carpet is clean and safe for them. They have very close contact with it and you have to be sure there are no hidden health hazards or allergens. A dirty, dusty and stained carpet could actually make your family sick.

Carpet cleaning

We recognize that a carpet in a person’s home is important to the whole look and feel of a particular room. We want to give you that style back with a thorough cleaning that will bring your carpet back to life.

Simple Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning

Services to any home and office. We would be happy to tackle a whole house or just a single room. We offer a carpet cleaning that will leave your home looking great.

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