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Commercial cleaning – leave the dirty work to us

Making the right impression in business can make or break a deal. Therefore running a business premises that is in good order and is clean and tidy could be more important than you realise. Making customers and employees feel special by having a pristine working space could make all the difference to closing a sale and to productivity. Having an untidy office or work space might also pose a risk to health and safety so making office cleanliness a priority keeps everyone concerned protected.

Commercial cleaning

A good partner in business is worth everything

Simple Cleaning are professional office cleaners that you can rely upon to do a great job. Not only are we reliable and honest we also work to the highest standards meaning a first class job every time. We understand that client retention and employee satisfaction are key to a successful business and having a clean office is a step towards that. A company that cares about every detail reflects well to potential clients and we fully support this too by taking care of every aspect of your office cleaning.

Commercial cleaning

Cleaning services that suit your needs

Our commercial cleaning services ensure that your office is hygienically clean regardless of size or space. We can provide commercial cleaning to suit any business and our cleaning staff are fully trained to provide the very best service to you. At Simple Cleaning we recognize that keeping an office or business space clean goes a long way to maintaining its efficiency and we would be delighted to discuss your specific commercial cleaning requirements in more detail.

Our services include but are not limited to:
– Office buildings
– Industrial buildings and premises
– Communal areas
– Construction sites
– Governmental and municipal buildings
We provide:
– General office cleaning
– Commercial carpet cleaning
After building cleaning
– Windows cleaning
– Floor sweeping and mopping
– Hoovering
– Kitchen cleaning – coffee machines, fridge and microwave included
– Bathrooms and toilets cleaning
– disinfecting surfaces and commonly used objects like phones

Commercial cleaning

Affordable cleaning solutions

We also offer communal area cleaning meaning that if your domestic building or shared office space has a communal area we can also offer affordable cleaning solutions to ensure that it is kept neat. Areas like shared kitchens, mailboxes and stairways might be easy to overlook but when they become dirty or unkempt you can be sure that everyone will notice. Our professional cleaning services offer a trustworthy and reliable commercial cleaning service that will leave your offices or communal space looking fresh and like new. We’re happy to hear from you and how we can help you keeping your business space clean.

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