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When it comes to the end of a tenancy

There is a lot to organize. Not only are you likely to be busy arranging your next move but you also need to pack up all your belongings and make the property you are about to leave look presentable. To save time and stress it could be a good idea to engage with a professional cleaning service to take care of your current property. This way you can be sure that every last detail is taken care of and the property is left looking pristine without any hassle.

End of tenancy cleaning

Simple Cleaning offers

Еnd of tenancy cleaning for any person about to move out of their rented accommodation. We offer the very highest standards when it comes to domestic cleaning and we ensure that your property is ready to hand back to the landlord or letting agent without any blemish. A deep clean at the end of a tenancy period might come as a requirement in some tenancy agreements and we are more than happy to provide details of our cleaning services as required.

Our Еnd of tenancy cleaning schedule will include:

– cleaning of all areas including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and general domestic areas.

End of tenancy cleaning

– rubbish removal
– tiles cleaned and descaled
– cleaning of white goods inside and out – eg fridge, dishwasher etc
– oven cleaning and extractor decreasing
– exterior cleaning of appliances
– interior cleaning of microwaves
– dusting throughout
– glass cleaning
– floor washing and polishing
– cleaning inside cupboards, underneath and behind furniture
– dusting throughout
– windows cleaning

– Tub and shower cleaning
– tiles cleaned and descaled
– sink and toiler cleaning
– cleaning and polishing of all bathroom fixtures
– mirror and glass polishing
– door cleaning
– floor mopping

Bedroom, living room and other domestic areas
– floor mopping
– cleaning inside wardrobes, cabinets, underneath and behind furniture
– dusting throughout
– glass cleaning and polishing
– windows cleaning
– bed making

End of tenancy cleaning

The cleaning services offered by Simple Cleaning

Are exemplary and we pride ourselves on being thorough and meticulous in our approach to domestic cleaning. You can be confident in our professional cleaning company and know that the end of tenancy services that we offer will leave your property completely clean. We understand that our clients don’t always have the time to clean everywhere when it comes to vacating a property. We can take care of every aspect of property cleaning to ensure you don’t have to worry and this means that when it comes to handing back the keys you can be sure that the whole house is spotless.

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