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Upholstery cleaning – a quick guide

Category: Tips and Tricks | Posted date: 2016-12-18 04:41:07 | Posted by: Admin User

Sleeping on the sofa can happen to anyone for various …

Upholstery cleaning – a quick guide

Sleeping on the sofa can happen to anyone for various reasons. Usually then we realize how many stains and soil our furniture can collect over a certain amount of time. And we are resolved to tackle them in the morning and then it doesn’t happen.

Here is a quick guide to cleaning your upholstery

  • Vacuum extensively
  • Identify stains
  • Take a white cloth, a gentle soap, a brush and a bucket with water. You can use also some cleaning product on the stains – follow the instructions from the label.
  • Start scrubbing gently.
  • Try not to damage the floor, carpet or nearby furniture.
  • Voilà

However the results are not fully guaranteed. Some stains can be too difficult and you can damage the furniture if scrubbing too much.  If the piece of furniture is too expensive don’t try this method.

Experts from professional cleaning companies advice that furniture should be cleaned by professionals every 12-18 months. Why – because dirt, stains and soil gather in the fabric and gradually destroy it.  Every cleaning agency has its secret formula for upholstery cleaning. Most effective and widely used are steam cleaning,  dry cleaning  and low-moisture extraction. A combination of these methods can be also used.

You can insist on the use of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials especially if there are people with allergies or children in the property.

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