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Microwave cleaning tips

Category: Tips and Tricks | Posted date: 2016-12-18 04:44:03 | Posted by: Admin User

If you are greeted with an unpleasant smell when you …

Microwave cleaning tips

If you are greeted with an unpleasant smell when you open your microwave – then it is time to clean it. We know you are always in a hurry when using it and you often say “Later”. But think of the thousand germs and bacteria that happily live there. Can you see the grease on the walls or food leftovers in the tray? It is a health hazard.

Get rid of all this now!

Here are a few quick ideas how to effectively clean your microwave.

Take the time to wipe down or deodorize the microwave! It is really important and will save you lots of trouble.

Place a bowl with water in the microwave. Put some citrus in the water. Turn the microwave on for two minutes.

Remove the bowl carefully. Take a clean cloth, spray on it some vinegar and wipe away all the stains and greasy spots.

This is an easy and quick way to kill the bacteria and have a clean microwave to reheat your food.

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